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I've been leaving you comments for about a week now and I still see people ignoring the grammar requirements. Use the book pages I indicated on the chart and resolve all my comments PLEASE!!! Seriously, how many teachers help you edit your final?? Take advantage of my help.


1. Conjugate your verbs. Generally the only time you can have infinitive is if it's the second verb after a verb you have already conjugated.

2. Check gender number agreement. All the words must match.

3. Check word order. Nouns before adjectives.

4. Keep it simple. Remember you are only in Spanish 2.


Extraction chart, script, works cited in MLA format and rubric.


One person per group submits the document that we have been working on. The document should include a live link to your video. Make sure the setting on the video are set appropriately so that anyone with the link can view it.


Do not change the color of the boxes I have edited. Print them out as is. If you are printing grey scale you might have to change the value so that the page is still legible.


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