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Hola Chicos,


I'm proud to share a little bit about my culture with you in the hope that you will realize that not every latino/a that you meet is Mexican.  My husband is Mexican and we have several Mexican-American teachers in the World Languages Department, but no, I'm not Mexican.  I'm actually Cuban, Spanish and Chinese!  


I hope you enjoy learning about my culture(s). 


Sra. Romero




Let's start with

something we can all enjoy... food!


Comida Cubana

Watch as these people taste Cuban food for the first time.

Did you notice a pattern here?  Cubans like fried food.  That is one of the beautiful things we owe to the African slaves that were brought to Cuba to work in the sugar plantations.  They gave us our love of strange root vegetables (yams, casava, taro, plantains) and fried goodness.  The African cultures brought over on the slave ships also gave us great music famous all over the world.  

Cuban music ~ Música cubana

By mixing together the variety of rhythms from Africa and Europe, several musical genres develped  in Cuba over time.  These include, Son cubano, Danzón, Cha cha cha, Mambo, Salsa, Rumba, Conga to name a few.  Learn more about Cuban music and enjoy the videos I've found for you below.  

Famous Cubans ~ Cubanos famosos

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