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Vocabulary Coaching

Help each other study your vocabulary every day so you can all get 100% 
1. Quiz your partner. Can they say AND spell the words in Spanish?
2. Keep a list of the words your partner doesn't know.
3. Prepare an hoja de práctica (see below) for your partner to complete for homework (1 calavera).
4. Complete your assigned hoja de practica (10 points).
5. Quiz your partner again on the focused words from the day before.  Did they get 100% ? (up to 10 points)
6. At the end of the week take the real quiz from Sra. Romero.

Hoja de práctica is an ancient and effective method of studying.  One hoja de práctica is due each day (10 points).


1. Choose 5 to 10 target words or phrases from the current vocabulary that you want to memorize.  Choose words that are difficult (spelling, accents etc).

2. Write on every blue line and respect the red margins.

3. Alternate Spanish English Spanish English.

4. Focus and say the words to yourself as your write them.


1.  No huge kindergarten writing.

2. No huge spacing.

3. No columns.

4. No daydreaming or spacing out. 

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