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Tele-tarea is an activity that I created based on Dr. Stephen Krashen's research on second language acquisition.  According to Krashen, the best way to acquire language is through reading something of interest to you which is just a little bit beyond your level of understanding. Your interaction with an authentic text like this, lets you forget about the technicalities of grammar and simply understand the language as it's spoken/written by native speakers in a context that is interesting to you.   


The Spanish audio and Spanish subtitle elements of your Tele-tarea provide authentic input by native speakers of Spanish; the video element provides supporting visual cues that make the text that you are reading in the Spanish subtitles more comprehensible.  This activity increases the amount of comprehensible input that you are exposed to and hopefully will increase your language acquisition.  


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to find a video to watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles you may alter the assignment and do a Spanish reading instead.  




Sra. Romero



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