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Here is the basic structure for a conversation in Spanish Look over the current vocabulary and grammar. With your partner, practice, MEMORIZE and be ready to present your conversation in front of the class. You will be selected at random.  Surprise! You may even get called up more than once.  :)

1. Saludos . . .

Greet each other physically and verbally


Buenos días

Buenas tardes

¿Qué tal?



¿Cómo estás?

¿Qué tal?

¿Cómo te va?



Muy bien gracias,¿y tú?



¿Puedo hacerte una pregunta?

Can I ask you something?

Claro que sí

Of course 

Ask a question

Answer the question.

Ask a related question

Answer the question.


Ask another question.

Answer the question.

3. Despedida

Say goodbye to each other physically and verbally


Nos vemos

Hasta luego

Hasta pronto

Un placer hablar contigo


Me dio gusto verte.

Igualmente, adiós

Traveling near or far?

You can earn calaveras while you are out and about by keeping a log of your conversations with native speakers of Spanish. (max 5/day). Print out a log today.
Native Speaker Communication Log
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