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What is the subjunctive mood?

Sentence Structure

First Dude

Funky Fraze

Second Dude


Funky Frazes that Trigger the Subjunctive

Unidad 3 Lección 2

The following "funky frazes" have "it" as their first dude.  ex:  It is important that ...   or  It is sad that...

Es bueno que - it is good that

Es malo que- it is bad that

Es difícil que - it is hard that

Es fácil que- it is easy that

Es importante que- it is important that

Es posible que- it is possible that

Es imposible que- it is impossible that

Es interesante que- it is interesting that

Es necesario que- it is necessary that
Es raro que- it is strange that

Es una lástima que- it is shame that

Es una pena que- it is a shame that

Es lamentable que- it is a shame that

Es una buena/mala idea que- it is a good or bad idea that
Es imprescindible que- it is imperative that

Es peligroso que- it is dangerous that 



Es importante que tú hagas la tarea.

Es imprescindible que Marta estudie para el examen.

Unidad 4 Lección 1

The following Funky Frazes need to be conjugated for the first dude.  Remember the sentence structure is First Dude, Funky Fraze, Second Dude, Subjunctive. 

______ desear que - to hope that 

______ esperar que - to hope that

______ querer (ie) que - to want

______ preferir (ie) que - to prefer

______ pedir (i) que - to ask 

______ exigir que - to demand

______ mandar que - to command

______ insistir (en) que - to insist

______ aconsejar que - to advise

______ sugerir (ie) que - to suggest

______ recomendar (ie) que- to recommend

______ dejar que - to allow

______ permitir que - to allow

______ prohibir que - to prohibit

Yo deseo que tú vayas a la fiesta. 

Juana espera que Felipe gane la competencia

Sra. Romero recomienda que Uds memoricen los Funky Frazes. 

Ojalá que - God willing 

For this Funky Fraze, God is the first dude.

Ojalá que nosotros tengamos vacaciones pronto

Unidad 4 Lección 2

The following Funky Frazes express doubt.  If, however, you think that something is indeed true then there is certainty and you can't use the subjunctive. 

______ dudar que - to doubt that

______ no estar de acuerdo con que - to disagree that

______ no estar seguro de que - to be unsure that

______ no creer que - to not believe that

______ no pensar que - to not think that

es dudoso que - it is doubtful that

es imposible que - it is impossible that

es improbable que - it is improbable that

no es cierto que - it is not true that

no es verdad que - it is not true that

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