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¡¡¡Bienvenidos Chicos!!!

Welcome to Spanish 2 or 3 with Sra. Romero. Please take a look around the website and then answer the questions below. You should work together as a group as you explore the site on the chromebooks or on your personal phones or tablets.

Reminder: All electronic devices are welcome in this class as long as they are used for educational puproses. Abusing this priviledge for texting/gaming etc. will result in disciplinary action.

1. Where do you find your assignments?

2. What are calaveras and why do you need them?

3. How can you earn calaveras?

4. How many activities do you have to complete in order to go to the center table?

5. How do you access your online textbook?

6. How many units will we be covering this year?

7. Is Sra. Romero Mexican?

8. What is blended learning?

9. How many years has Sra. Romero been teaching using blended learning?

10. List some tips for learning vocabulary.

11. Where are the videos that Sra. Romero makes/ finds for us to watch and take notes?

12. Where can you find examples of excellent projects from past years?

13. How do you contact Sra. Romero if you have questions or concerns?

14. How can you earn extra credit on a conversation?

15. What is a correction slip?

16. Why do you need to turn in a correction slip? How can a correction slip help you?

17. In case of fire, where is our evacuation area?

18. Where do we hide in case of an intruder?

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