ser : to be

Directions: Here you'll find several activities and tutorials having to do with the verb ser.  Start off by choosing how comfortable you are with the topic.  If you are brand new and never saw this before choose "I'm lost."  If you just need a little nudge choose "remind me", and if you are pretty confident choose "let's get to work." Remember you can always go back if you need more review and I am also here to help you. Let's get started!

The Basics


Don't know the personal pronouns?  Watch this.

No clue what conjugating is?  Watch this.

Do you know what to do if you are talking about a boy vs. a girl? No?  Watch this.

Ahora el verbo ser 

Watch Sr. Jordan explain how to use ser to describe people.  You will probably need these adjectives. Open them up in another tab so you have them handy for Sr. Jordan's activities. 

¿Cómo son?

Actividad 1

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb ser. When you finish check your answers here.

1. Yo ___ muy creativa.

2. El Sr. Romero ___ muy guapo.

3. Sophie ___ pequeña.

4. La Srta. Briseño y yo ___ muy inteligentes.

5. Marco ___ mi primo.

6. Ellos___ locos.

Actividad 2

Describe the people below using the appropriate form of the verb ser and adjectives that match according to number and gender. When you finish check your answers here.

Ex.  Ellos son mayores.

Ex. Ellos/mayor
1. Miguel/musculoso
2. Los niños/artístico
3. Mercedes/rubio
4. La señora/anciano
5. yo/gracioso
6. el bebé/ gordo
7. Nosotras/ amigos
8. Tú y Josefina/ trabajador
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Actividad 3

Help Yolanda (pictured in the center) describe her family using the subjects and adjectives provided below.  Answers vary so shows these to me to check your answers.  Once you are approved you will be ready to move on to pages 4 and 4 


Mi mamá

Mi papá


Suso y Marco

Mi familia












You just need a little refresher...

You just need a little refresher...

ser : to be















I am

you are

he/she/thou are

we are

they/y'all are

Go to the next slide for examples.


En el libro

Hagan las actividades de las páginas 4 y 5

Mi familia

You are ready!

Work on stations for Lección Preliminar Days 4, 5, 6  

then write a blog post describing your family using the verb ser. Please ask me if you need help.

Blog Post Instructions  

Write about your real family or a made up family.  

  • Use as many forms of the verb ser as you can.

  • Use adjectives.  Make sure they match with the subject of your sentence.

  • Describe yourself

  • Describe each person individually

  • Describe pairs of people

  • Describe the whole family together


Check your work


Actividad 2

1.  Miguel es musculoso.

2. Los niños son artísticos

3. Mercedes es rubia.

4. La Señora es anciana.

5. Yo soy graciosa.

6. El bebé es gordo.

7. Nosotras somos amigas.

8. Tú y Josefina son trabajadoras. 

Actividad 1


1. soy

2. es

3. es

4. somos

5. es

6. son

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