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Examen Oral Coming Soon

Hola Chicos,

You should all have gotten the instructions for the Oral Exam in google classroom. I want you to spend some time practicing in class today. You need to be ready to speak to a randomly selected partner and be able to take on either role in the conversation. This must be memorized.

We are moving on to the Direct Object Pronouns Tutorial and today I will be collecting your participation points at the end of the period. You will get your new participation goals next week.

On Friday you will have a vocabulary quiz on the vocab from unit 1 lesson 1. It will be like an elementary school style spelling quiz. I will say the word in English and you will have to write it in Spanish with correct spelling and accent marks. Study hard because, since it's straight memorization, there are no retakes for vocabulary quizzes.

Nos vemos,

Sra. Romero

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