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Presentations are almost finished.


I really enjoyed all of your presentations. Your slide shows were beautiful and I was happy to see that you have such loving families. Goals ;) For the next project I would like to see some more dynamic presentation skills, more powerful voices, braver pronunciation (I know it's scary to try hard to sound good) and stronger presence in front of the class. There were some persistent errors across the board with gender and number and forgetting the a in gustar sentences. We will continue to work on that in class.

Please know that, just like on a quiz, If you got a D or an F you can make corrections to your project and resubmit it to recover some points.

Tomorrow you will be getting your ir+a and ser vs. estar quiz back. We will be correcting it and you will be starting Unidad 1 Lección 1 Vocabulario.

Hasta mañana,

Sra. Romero

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