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La sirenita

la sirenita

Chicos, while I'm on the Horizontes field trip, please enjoy the movie and then do a little writing assignment to help you practice what we are learning. 20 sentences total. See the instructions below.


Spanish 2:

Using the imperfect tense describe the characters.

ex. Ariel era pelirroja.

Ariel was a redhead

Using the preterite tell what happened

ex. Ariel nadó a la superficie.

Ariel swam to the surface.

Using the preterite and the imperfect together in the same sentence tell what was happening in the background when something else occured.

ex. Ariel cantaba cuando la bruja capturó su voz.

Ariel was signing when the witch captured her voice.


Spanish 3: Write 20 sentences using the subjunctive "Funky Frazes" that we have collected so far.

ex. Es importante que Ariel bese al príncipe.

It's important that Ariel kiss the prince.

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