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Gustar test results


Many of you totally rock and are doing fine but some of you are still not with me. I need you to do a little reflection and ask yourselves if you really are doing your best in class. Are you doing all of your assignments thoughtfully? Are you checking your answers? Are you asking for help?

On Tuesday I will be returning the tests. We will go over the mistakes and I'll give an additional lesson to those who need it. Those students who scored a D or an F will have the opportunity to test again for a better grade (the average of the two scores) during lunch on a date to be determined. In order to be eligible for the retake you must show me:

1. Your original corrected test.

2. Your updated notes from my gustar tutorial (the whole page not just the video). I'm assuming you didn't take them properly the first time.

3. The additional activities from my tutorial plus corrections.

4. The gustar activities from my stations task list with corrections. Days 7 and 8.

Those of you who are where you need to be, and passed gustar with a C or better, can move on to the verb ir.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Let's work hard next week. You can totally do this. If you can speak English there's nothing stopping you from speaking Spanish.

Sra. Romero


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