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Diagnostic Test Results :/

Hola Chicos,

I'm done grading part of the diagnostic test that you took in Spanish 2. This week we will be working on Ser and adjectives. Some of you are right where you need to be and can go ahead and work on the activities on your own. I am confident that you can produce the blog post describing your families. Another group of you just needs a little help identifying the subject of a sentence so that you can conjugate the verb ser correctly. I'll help you with that and then let you go ahead and work. The last group of you needs a lot more help. We'll be working closely together this week and I will walk you step by step through identifying gender and number, memorizing the conjugation for ser, learning the subject pronouns and figuring out who is who so that you can also write about your families. I want you all to be successful. We can do this! ¡Sí se puede!

Here are some tutorials and practice acitivities


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Chicos, Please add the link to your project instructions and extraction chart to google classroom. DO NOT SUBMIT just add the link. Rename your document with your group number. I need only one perso

Oral Exam tomorrow

Reminder, tomorrow you have your oral exam on the preterite (irregular and regular) Look in google classroom for the example conversation. It will be just like what we practiced at the center table.

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