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Were you happy with your project grade?

Spanish 2: Personaly chicos, I was disappointed by the projects. I would like to see those of you who did not get at least a C, make the necessary corrections and present again with enthusiasm-NOT just reading in a monotone. Do something to make your project memorable. One obvious error that several people made was not writing in the preterite. The whole project was supposed to be in the preterite tense. Fix it. Let me know if you want to present again to try to improve your grade and I will answer your questions and help you. I'm going to limit this to people who scored in the C range or lower.

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Final Exam

Chicos, Please add the link to your project instructions and extraction chart to google classroom. DO NOT SUBMIT just add the link. Rename your document with your group number. I need only one perso

Oral Exam tomorrow

Reminder, tomorrow you have your oral exam on the preterite (irregular and regular) Look in google classroom for the example conversation. It will be just like what we practiced at the center table.

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