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ir + a forever

a story of eternal love


nce upon a time there were two lovers.  Their names were ir and a.  One day they decided to take a romantic walk in the forest where they found a beautiful tree on which to carve their names in a heart.  
The heart said . . .

ir + a


As lovers usually do, on their long walks in the forest, ir + a would make plans together . . .
ir + a would talk about the future.

Nosotros  vamos a casarnos.

We are going to get married.

ir and a are in love forever!!! Whenever you see ir (in any form) a will be close by.  

ir + a would talk about places they wanted to go.

Nosotros vamos a ir a Barcelona. 

We are going to go to Barcelona. 

ir and a are in love forever!!! Whenever you see ir (in any form) a will be close by.  

Their love was eternal.  No matter what mood ir was in, a was always there, right by his side . . .





voy a

vas a

va a

vamos a 

van a 

It wasn't always perfect.  Sometimes ir would go shopping with de or a would go to the movies with el,

(ir de compras/ir al cine).

but their love was strong. 

ir +a forever.


t would seem that  ir + a have the perfect relationship but no, there's trouble in paradise. Whenever a is with el they are so attracted to each other that they contract and turn into al. But when a is next to la, los or

The love triangle: ir + a + el 


las they remain separate. Maybe ir is stupid for always forgiving a but that's the way it is for them.  


ir+a forever. . . FOREVER!!

a el    al

a la

a los

a las

el baño : Yo voy al baño.

la playa: Yo voy a la playa.

Please, don't you be the cause of a broken heart.  When you talk about your plans for the future and where you want to go, don't forget to keep ir and a together . . . forever.


Vamos a practicar - Let's practice 

En una hoja de papel (5 puntos c/u) 

Mi futuro - My future

Now that you know how to use ir + a to talk about the future and places you will go, create a slide show or other digital presentation like to tell us about your future.


  1. Make ten slides with at least one image per slide. 

    1. What will you be ?(ser)​

    2. Where will you live? (vivir)

    3. What will you have? (tener)

    4. What will you do? (any verb in the infinitive)

    5. Where will you go? (places)

  2. Once sentence using ir+a per slide.

  3. Post your slide show to your blog.  The title will be Mi futuro.

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