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Español 2 Unidad 1.2

Vocabulario página 79

Vamos a empezar

In order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras, each day you need to have completed at least three independent practice activities in your notebook. Check your answers using the answer keys provided at the front of the room or in the teacher's edition (especially for "answers may vary"). Show me your progress when I call up your group number. Please remember that I do not expect perfection I do, however, demand effort.  Learning a new language takes lots of work, lets get started.  Vamos a empezar.

Make/Download Flashcards

Make flash cards out of paper or download the flashcards+ app. Inside the app search for and download the following list:

Draw to Remember

After going through your vocabulary, I'm sure you'll find some words that you can't quite remember; take a tip from Graham Shaw and draw those words to help them stick. (1 Calavera per drawing)

Presentación de vocabulario

After having studied the vocabulary flashcards a little bit, can you figure out what most of the words in the video presentation mean? Go to the online textbook page 60 on and click on the DVD icon.  Watch the video presentation of vocabulary. Make a list of whichever words you find difficult.  You should spend extra time on these when you study.  


Go to the online textbook and find "A Responder" on page 61.  Listen to the audio several times while attempting to write down everything you hear.  Don't be discouraged if you don't catch everything, become aware of the fact that each time you listen you catch more and more.  After at least three attempts check the transcript  in my teacher's edition.  Please ask me for access. 


  • Tier 1= 4/5 points earned by memorizing the existing script as is and presenting it.

  • Tier 2= 5/5 points earned by modifying the script with appropriate details, memorizing and presenting it.

  • Tier 3= 6/5 points earned by writing your own creative conversation while still covering the required grammar and vocabulary, memorizing and presenting it.

Click on the image below to see this week's dialogue.  Modify the dialogue as desired using current vocabulary and grammar. Memorize it and be ready to present/record it. 

Ahora, ¡a escribir!

Textbook pages: 62-64
Workbook pages: 24-26

Choose at least three activities per day in order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras for participation.

¿Quieres jugar?

On you'll find flashcards for our vocabulary as well as fun games that will help you study. Spend just 5 minutes a day on this and you'll see results. Try a variety of games to challenge yourself. 

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