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Español 3 Lección Preliminar 6

The Present Tense of Irregular Verbs

Vamos a empezar

In order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras, each day you need to have completed at least three independent practice activities in your notebook. Check your answers using the answer keys provided at the front of the room or in the teacher's edition (especially for "answers may vary"). Show me your progress when I call up your group number. Please remember that I do not expect perfection I do, however, demand effort.  Learning a new language takes lots of work, lets get started.  Vamos a empezar.

Irregular yo verbs

saber vs. conocer

saber= to know a skill or fact

Yo sé patinar 

I know how to skate

Yo sé tu número de teléfono

I know you phone number

conocer = to know a person, place or idea

Marisol conoce a Hernan

Marisol knows Hernan.

Yo no conozco Venezuela

I've never been to Venezuela.

Mi papá conoce bien el cálculo

My father is very familiar with calculus

Ahora, ¡a escribir!

Take notes page: 11 and 14, 
Do textbook activities pages: 11 and 14, 

Choose at least three activities per day in order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras.  Don't forget to correct your work using the answer keys.  Leave me a note in the mailbox if you need extra help.  

¿Quieres jugar?

On you'll find flashcards for our vocabulary and grammar as well as fun games that will help you study. Spend just 5 minutes a day on this and you'll see results. Try a variety of games to challenge yourself. 


Did you finish all of the activities above?  If so, you can choose to go on to the next lesson or search for additional practice activities in last year's textbook or online.  If you find a really good video or activity online please share it with me and the class.  You'll get extra credit. 
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