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Español 2 Unidad 3 Lección 2

Stemchanging Preterite

Vamos a empezar

In order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras, each day you need to have completed at least three independent practice activities in your notebook. Check your answers using the answer keys provided at the front of the room or in the teacher's edition (especially for "answers may vary"). Show me your progress when I call up your group number. Please remember that I do not expect perfection I do, however, demand effort.  Learning a new language takes lots of work, lets get started.  Vamos a empezar.

Review Stemchanging verbs

In the preterite The Little Old Lady plays favorites.  She will only give the stemchange to ir verbs - nothing for ar and nothing for er. But even then she will only give the stemchange to the triplets (él/ella/Ud and ellos/ellas/Uds). But even they will only get a partial stemchange. 

e-ie will only get an i    o-ue will only get the u


repetir - to repeat

yo repetí 

tú repetiste

él/ella/Ud. repitió

nosotros repetimos

ellos/ellas/Uds. repitieron

ir verbs

These ir verbs have a stemchange.  Only the triplets will get the stemchange. They will only get a partial stemchange.

conseguir - to get/obtain

competir - to compete

despedirse - to say goodbye

divertirse - to have fun

dormir - to sleep

morir - to die

repetir - to repeat

pedir - to ask for

preferir - to prefer

servir - to serve

sugerir - to suggest

vestirse - to get dressed


  • Tier 1= 4/5 points earned by memorizing the existing script as is and presenting it.

  • Tier 2= 5/5 points earned by modifying the script with appropriate details, memorizing and presenting it.

  • Tier 3= 6/5 points earned by writing your own creative conversation while still covering the required grammar and vocabulary, memorizing and presenting it.

Click on the image below to see this week's dialogue.  Modify the dialogue as desired using current vocabulary and grammar. Memorize it and be ready to present/record it. 

Ahora, ¡a escribir!

Take notes page: 178
Do textbook activities pages: 179-183
Do workbook pages: 128-130

Choose at least three activities per day in order to be eligible to come up to the center table to earn calaveras.  Don't forget to correct your work using the answer keys.  Leave me a note in the mailbox if you need extra help.  


Did you finish all of the activities above?  If so, you can choose to go on to the next lesson or search for additional practice activities on this topic in last year's textbook or online.  If you find a really good video or activity online please share it with me and the class.  You'll get extra credit. 
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