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Teresita E. Romero
World Languages Department Chair

Milpitas High School

Tel: 408-635-2800

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Hola! I wanted to thank you for teaching me Spanish so

well in high school.  Last semester I had a really really terrible professor, and the only way I passed was because of you.  Luckily I have a much better professor this semester, but almost everything still seems like review. :) Thank you so much.  I don't know what I would've done without those two years with you. 

Rachel G. (MHS '14)

San Diego State

I like that Sra. Romero takes time to do small groups or one-on-one activities in class with her students because it helps you get rid of the fear of participating in front of the whole class which is great for even shy students.  I wish I was still in her class.

Anonymous (MHS '16)

San Jose State

You are a crazy and twisted teacher, but sometimes the crazy ones are the best teachers!

Adrian (MHS '17)

Milpitas, California

"Thanks for being so patient with all of us this school year and teaching us Spanish with your (slightly annoying) funny and helpful musical tunes. Spanish 2 was a wild ride with you as a teacher!" 

Cintia (MHS '17)

Milpitas, California

Thanks for making Spanish an entertaining class with your mnemonics.

Naila (MHS '16)

Milpitas, California

Gracias for being the chevere'est Spanish teacher I could ever have for two years! Stay crafty and never stop making catchy jingles.

Anita (MHS '16)

Milpitas, California

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