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August 13, 2019

Welcome to Spanish 2 or 3 with Sra. Romero.  Please take a look around the website and then answer the questions below.  You should work together as a group as you explore the site on the chromebooks or on your personal phones or tablets.

Reminder: All electronic devices are welcome in this class as long as they are used for educational puproses. Abusing this priviledge for texting/gaming etc. will result in disciplinary action.  

1. Where do you find your assi...

August 13, 2016


This weekend I had an idea. . . 

Instead of an e-portfolio using google sites (meh)  I want you guys to make a blog on Wix.com It's beautiful.

Your blog will be the home for your practice videos and final projects.  

Please go to Wix.com and select a template that you like, then begin personalizing the "about" page.  Post a picture of your self and write a paragraph about yourself.  Here is an example:  

¡Hola! Me llamo Maribel. Tengo 15 años.  Mido 5 pies y 3 pulga...

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Want an A?

Do this daily

10 minutes

Study vocab with your Study Buddy and give each other a practice quiz. Help each other get 100%. 

5 minute

Study vocabulary on Quizlet daily. Use the feedback you get from quizlet to help you choose words for your hoja de práctica. 

10 minutes

Complete one hoja de práctica. (10 pts)

20 minutes

Complete 3 activities listed on the online tutorial. . (Earn calaveras)

5-8 minutes

Practice at the Center Table with Sra. Romero, earn Calaveras and get your questions answered. (unlimited Calaveras)

At home

Complete any unfinished work or get ahead so you are ready for tomorrow. Three activities are due per day. Activites are found on the tutorial pages 

Find us: 

Milpitas High School, Milpitas, California

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