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September 30, 2019


Keep practicing your oral exam.  You must memorize it all and be prepare to perform either student A or B.  

Tomorrow we will be moving on to the next lesson and start indirect object pronouns.

Hasta mañana,

Sra. Romero

September 25, 2019


I've finished posting participation points and extra credit, but I still have a bunch of zeros so please check the board to see if maybe you forgot to put your name on your paper.  You will be getting your goals tomorrow.  I've moved everyone up 20 points from what they earned this time around.  That means you need to push yourself to earn two more than you normally earn per day.  Are you speaking Spanish at EVERY opportunity?  

Top Students: These stu...

September 24, 2019

Hola Chicos,

You should all have gotten the instructions for the Oral Exam in google classroom.  I want you to spend some time practicing in class today.  You need to be ready to speak to a randomly selected partner and be able to take on either role in the conversation.  This must be memorized.  

We are moving on to the Direct Object Pronouns Tutorial and today I will be collecting your participation points at the end of the period.  You will get your new participa...

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Want an A?

Do this daily

10 minutes

Study vocab with your Study Buddy and give each other a practice quiz. Help each other get 100%. 

5 minute

Study vocabulary on Quizlet daily. Use the feedback you get from quizlet to help you choose words for your hoja de práctica. 

10 minutes

Complete one hoja de práctica. (10 pts)

20 minutes

Complete 3 activities listed on the online tutorial. . (Earn calaveras)

5-8 minutes

Practice at the Center Table with Sra. Romero, earn Calaveras and get your questions answered. (unlimited Calaveras)

At home

Complete any unfinished work or get ahead so you are ready for tomorrow. Three activities are due per day. Activites are found on the tutorial pages 

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