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January 25, 2019

Get ready for Tuesday's Oral Proficiency Exam.  You will need 5 or 6 fashion photos to talk to your partner about.  Make sure you are using the 3.1 vocabulary in your responses. 

Starting Monday you will be working on 3.2 vocabulary activities.  

January 16, 2019

"I have an idea!"  I know how  you love it when I get new ideas so here's another one.  In an effort to motivate my students to work hard DURING class, I will be checking activities at the END of the period each day rather than at the beginning.  Students must complete 3 activities daily.  I hope this makes a difference.  

January 7, 2019

¡Feliz año nuevo chicos! I hope you had a restful break and that you are all exhilarated and ready to get to work. 

This semester we will be focusing more on oral proficiency.  In fact on Monday you will have another oral exam.  You will need to speak to a randomly selected partner for a minimum of 1 minute.  You will ask and answer questions about your recent winter break. 

We will practice in class so no need to worry.  

Please remember to complete your Common Core...

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Want an A?

Do this daily

10 minutes

Study vocab with your Study Buddy and give each other a practice quiz. Help each other get 100%. 

5 minute

Study vocabulary on Quizlet daily. Use the feedback you get from quizlet to help you choose words for your hoja de práctica. 

10 minutes

Complete one hoja de práctica. (10 pts)

20 minutes

Complete 3 activities listed on the online tutorial. . (Earn calaveras)

5-8 minutes

Practice at the Center Table with Sra. Romero, earn Calaveras and get your questions answered. (unlimited Calaveras)

At home

Complete any unfinished work or get ahead so you are ready for tomorrow. Three activities are due per day. Activites are found on the tutorial pages 

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